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About Us

Earthworm Plants is a backyard nursery located in Memphis, Tn. 

You can shop with us in person at the Memphis Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 8am-1pm. 

Our Story

     Earthworm Plants began out of a love for propagating and growing plants and a desire to share the connection to nature that plants provided. One small act of growing and learning about plants allowed us to reconnect with nature in a way that could not be duplicated. Whether you have a garden or simply some space near a window, you can grow a plant while enjoying additional physical and psychological benefits, as well as helping to decrease indoor air pollution. With so many advantages from growing plants we had to help get others started on their plant lover’s journey.

    We chose the name Earthworm Plants because we feel like the earthworm represents the type of presence we aim to achieve. Recognizing that healthy soil is the foundation of any healthy plant, we mix the perfect soil for your young plants. Our goal is to provide our customers with happy and healthy plants and educate our customers on how to support their plants so that anyone can foster a love for plants. We hope that our customers develop a deep appreciation for the plants that nature has provided and eventually find their own ways to be like the earthworm. Wherever earthworms are, the earth is better for it.






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